Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Physical Therapy update....

Well our friend Ms. Holly came to visit Park and Audi today.... They are growing in leaps and bounds during their physical therapy sessions... Audrey is tolerating her stretching techniques with Ms. Holly much easier this week... or maybe she has just realized that she is much stronger than we think and she can wiggle her self out of the many holds we are doing. Mr. Park is doing a bit better as well. Ms. Holly was impressed to see him sit on his own today... we still need to teach Parker that when he is on his belly that he needs to turn his head and not face plant his head into the floor.

So I am writing to update on Audi today. Her tortacolis is improving but now that she is upright on her arms and sitting, Ms. and I are noticing that she has a significant misshaping in her head. Her jaw and cheeks do not appear to be symmetrical. This makes her left cheek look larger than her right. Her ears are equal in distance from her shoulders but her right ear appears to be further forward than her left. So the question was what do we do about this issue.... I decided to call and make appointment to have her assessed for a molding helmet for her head... We will head to South Bend next Thursday (a week from tomorrow) to have her evaluated. Also because she continues to have slight tilt in her neck, we are trying a new neck collar on her... It is quite humurous to look at... It looks a bit like a life jacket (pictures will be posted soon).

The asymmetry of Audi's head may explain a lot of the difficulities we have been having with her. It hopefully explains the six ear infections in six months, the feeing difficulties and her tilted glare when trying to focus on an object to see.

Once again a will keep you updated when we know more about what is going on....

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  1. amy...we'll definitely be praying for you as you look into what all is going on with audrey. it will be fun to keep up with you and the twins on your blog. we're actually headed up that way this weekend...well, not FW, but the lake...we'd love to play next time we get to the Fort though!