Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catching up on Blog world....

So I was informed the other day by a dear blogging friend that I am quite behind on my blogging. Well the world of twins has been very challenging lately...
So here is the quick update on the Mayernik family....
On April 26th.... Fort Wayne reached a blasting hot 85 degrees... We went from winter to summer literally overnight. I opened my windows and the house seemed to steam up with humidity. The babies lived in diapers most of the day. It was so hot that I thought both babies were clammy and hot because of the weather... Come to find out, Parker was hot because of some sort of stomach virus... We were wrapping up our bedtime routine around 8 pm and and Parker puked squash and cereal across my living room floor. Joe picked him up and he continued to vomit... It was so sad.. I have never seen a little baby so sick... Joe handed him to me and I quickly placed him in the kitchen sink and washed him off. Grandma just happened to walk in the door at this time. Parker was very warm. I gave him a cool bath. The next thing I know he went unresponsive... I freaked... Yes he was a having a febrile seizure. I thought we were going to make it through the entire month of April without a hospitalization.
We rushed him to the emergency room and he was quickly admitted to the Lutheran PICU. Our hospital stay ended up five days long... Only because Parker did not want to hold any food down...
May was an exciting month. The babies turned 6 months old. Can you believe that they are growing so fast. First steps has been in the house working the with the babies physical development. This month with physical therapy they have both learned to roll from from belly to back and also to sit on their own.... Parker is becoming very interactive. He will talk your ear off if you give him the chance. Audrey - lets just say that she is my bashful princess with a red-headed temper... She has learned Peek-a-boo and to shake her head no if we say no-no to her... She also has started to army crawl this last week.
As for Joe his business is busier than ever. He is away from home a lot but when he is here, I appreciate him incredibly. I could survive without him.
May was also huge for me. As of May 29th... I have officially lost all 87 lbs that I gained with my pregnancy... I am not sure how as I continue to eat a hot fudge sunday every day and splurge on McDonalds at least twice a week. I guess that I might have to breast feed until my kids turn one... just so I can continue to eat the foods I enjoy.

I promise to keep you all updated on life as I have finally started to take some time to myself each day. I am finally getting out of my emotional bump in the road... i have to say that the meds are starting to work.

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  1. WOW! Lots of great news....most excellent post. You'll have to let me know what comes of next weeks appt.
    I hope we run into eachother again soon...that was fun! ;0)